“Judd has the ability to span all genres and his music captures the emotions we all feel but can’t always express." - Carrie Hughes / MTV Music Coordinator

"an incredible example of what one talented individual can create once they've absorbed the lessons of a harsh industry and made it their own." - Silverfish Magazine

"Judd Starr's sophomore effort can be described as no less than perfect. This is an album needs to be heard...With each track I found another one equally if not better than the last. By the time I finished listening I was both sad and euphoric. Sad, because there's only one other album by Judd and euphoric because this was probably the best album of dance/pop music I've heard in a long time." - Live Journal

"Starr fuses college alternative rock with clever harmonies with elements of R and B and Blues to give the album quite a funky feel. Each of the opening three songs here could be hit singles in the right hands. 'Starting Over' has a chorus to die for, the more insistent 'The Letter' drives its point home nicely, while 'May 22nd' is built on a groove so strong there's a danger you'll shake your hips right off." - Haydon S. / The Mag "New Music Uncovered"

"One minute he has the smooth vocals of George Michael the next the jazzy rock of Dave Matthews. His voice and melodies adapt with each set of lyrics to produce a unique pop, alternative rock sound with a hint of country as well as even a pinch of electronic dance."
- Margaret DeJesus / Music-Reviewer