12.23.10Featured in digital book "Indie Revelations" -CLICK HERE-

Alex Cosper, a radio industry writer-interviewer and major market radio programmer / air personality featured Judd Starr in his online book (Chapter 1) entitled "Indie Revelations".

11.30.10Mentioned in "Indie music 2010 year in review" -CLICK HERE-

07.16.10"Firely" on KMSU Playlist - Minnesota -CLICK HERE-

07.01.10Multiple songs licensed to Retail Radio

A & R for Retail Radio recently contacted us and requested to license the use of songs from both "Luminescent" and "Spirit and Skin". This isn't a service that musicians pay for to advertise their music. The musicians are sought out by representatives for the company. Retail Radio can be heard throughout the U.S. in some of America's biggest businesses, such as:

Apple Retailers
Baja Fresh
La Salsa
AT & T
RC Willey
Ace Hardware

...and many others. So keep an "ear open" when visiting one of these establishments. You just might hear one of Judd Starr's songs.

02.01.10On PANDORA - Judd Starr Radio -CLICK HERE-

Pandora.com, one of the most influential music sites on the internet, has accepted Judd Starr's music as part of their programming. Just go to www.pandora.com, create a music station and type 'judd starr'. Pandora will create a music station using songs from Judd's CDs as well as other similar artists.

09.11.09Certifiable Wenches -CLICK HERE-

05.01.09CD Reviewer's #1 Pick for 2008 -CLICK HERE-

12.05.08"What If I'm Fine" At #4 On Japanese Top 5

Episode #116 Overall Weekly Top 5, charts "What If I'm Fine" at the #4 Top Podcast song in Japan for December 1, 2008.

11.03.08Interview with Andrea Guy of "Mossip" -CLICK HERE-

10.17.08"What If I'm Fine" was Sept. 2008's #4 Most Played

"What If I'm Fine" was the Number 4 most played song on internet podcasts for the entire month of September 2008.

10.13.08"Skies Of Orange Fire" On Mothpod Radio -CLICK HERE-

Mothpod Live is the Internet Radio version of the show that airs on B.O.U.N.C.E. Radio. The show receives between 3,000 - 5,000 downloads a month. Playing "Skies Of Orange Fire" on Episode 109.

09.23.08"What If I'm Fine" To Play in 17,000 Theatres

You may hear the song "What If I'm Fine" if you go to the movies anytime from 9/26/08-10/23/08. It will be playing in 17,000 theatres nationwide and will be heard by millions of people during that time.

09.18.08Blogger Lists "Spirit And Skin" As Best Release of 2008 -CLICK HERE-

Online article regarding best indie releases of 2008 so far.

09.13.08Thanking An Online Journalist -CLICK HERE-

After receiving a fantastic album review of "Spirit And Skin", it was nice to give a 'thank you' to the reviewer. The beauty of the internet is that the artist, fans and reviewers can all communicate. This was one nice example.

09.10.08PMC Countdown -CLICK HERE-

On 9.8.08, we announced that the single "What If I'm Fine" from Judd Starr's album Spirit And Skin was #1 on the PMC Countdown. However, many of you may not know how significant that is!

The PMC Countdown show is frequently referred to as the "American Top 40" of podsafe music. Like the "Billboard" of the internet, they track the Top 10 most played from numerous websites. The show is even played on certain FM radio stations across the country.

Read the Wikipedia definition for more info (click launch related site) ---->

09.08.08"What If I’m Fine" is Number 1 on PMC Countdown -CLICK HERE-

The PMC Countdown (Pod Music Countdown with Chris Doelle) has over 100,000 listeners and lists "What If I'm Fine" as the Number 1 spot on their Top 10 countdown for today, 8th September 2008.

The track is listed last, since it's counted down from number 10 to number 1

Click the "Play PMC Top 10" Button To Hear The Show.

(remember, "What If I'm Fine" will be towards the very end of the podcast, since the countdown starts with #10 and ends with #1)

You'll need to allow the player to download / buffer before you'll see or hear the player.

08.26.08Mossip Review -CLICK HERE-

Mossip Recap / Review

Review by Mossip - Andrea Guy on Aug 26, 2008
5 out of 5 (Love Them!)
Spirit and Skin is quite possibly the best album I've heard in years. Thoughtful lyrics, a catchy beat and a great voice. I gave it 9/10 in my review because no one is perfect, but this album was just about there.

Web Mention
Will mention in an upcoming blog

08.21.08Song Review - Borrow You - From "Single Of The Day" -CLICK HERE-

The song "Borrow You" is featured in Jody Whitesides "Single of the Day". Jody is an accomplished songwriter who works with famed music producer Maurice Starr (no relation):

The text is quoted below in case the link expires:

This is an interesting perspective. The concept that we borrow each other. Some people would call time with others precious. Some would call it wasted. Some would call it boring. Some would call it fun. There’s all kinds of ways to think about how we relate to others on the planet. I think this is the first time I’ve heard the concept of borrowing someone to help fill time with us. It makes sense if the person is outside of family.

I suppose I borrow a whole lot of things from people in terms of ideas that I twist around in my head. Sometimes people stick those ideas in my head and they’re no longer borrowed I suppose. Take for instance yesterday. I borrowed an e-mail that was sent to me and passed it around amongst people I know in order to give them a good laugh. Hell, I even borrowed it for fodder here on the blog. Much like I’m borrowing the title of the song for today right now. Interestingly one person came back at me after reading the message and stuck an idea in my head. An idea which I’ve already started putting to use.

The old adage states something to the effect of never a borrower nor lender be. While that might be good advice for money, it doesn’t make much sense for human interaction. We lend hands all the time. We borrow time quite often. Don’t we?

A mailing list I joined not long ago recently had a thread where a musician wrote in saying he was disenchanted with the music industry because he was being ignored. He was blaming it on everyone but himself and he’s worried that at the age of 29 that he’s not going to be able to be a rockstar. Thus he borrowed time from other members of the list. What came in response from other members was a wide range of responses. One response from an older established artist mentioned he ought to buck up and stop whining. The tirade that ensued was flat out uncalled for and the artist borrowing people’s time suddenly because an artist who should not be dealt with in a professional manner. It didn’t help that his music wouldn’t be something that I’d feature here at Single of the Day. His career is on borrowed time due to lack of vision.

On the opposite end of the spectrum we have Judd Starr. An artist that is from Los Angeles and I think now residing in Sparks Nevada. The man with the borrowed view in a song. He doesn’t appear to be an artist that is whining about the industry. No, he’s out there grinding and pushing. Maybe, if you’re part of the TV crowd, you’ve heard some of Judd’s music. Judd has placements in several shows.

I like the sharp production. Very much borrowed from a style of say Trent Reznor without all the overt industrial sound. Very clean. Very clear. I would be interested in hearing the track done with a live drummer. Otherwise it’s got a nice eclectic vibe. I can hear the guitars, the bass, the synths, the vocals, and everything has it’s place in the mix. It’s obvious that Judd borrows a lot of his own time to make sure that everything is in it’s place. I’d be willing to bet he’s his own producer. What do you think?

Don’t go borrowing the song, pay the man and support him.

08.19.08Album Review - Live Journal -CLICK HERE-

A fantastic review of the "Spirit And Skin" CD.

08.18.08Album Review - Associated Content -CLICK HERE-

Another favorable review of Judd Starr's "Spirit And Skin" CD.

08.18.08"RobKast Radio" Comments and Review

Review by RobKast Radio on Aug 17, 2008

5 out of 5 (Love Them!)

Ambitious, Atmospheric, Awesome, Delicate, Energetic, Warm

In RobKast Radio 135, 3 songs from this fantastic album, A Waving Hand, Borrow You and Skies Of Orange Fire.

Podcast Rating
Definitely - Will add this track to a future podcast

Will mention in an upcoming blog

Web Mention

08.17.08"Spirit And Skin" Available For Download on iTunes! -CLICK HERE-

Download the whole album or individual tracks from Apple iTunes.

07.31.08"Spirit And Skin" CD Is Now On Sale Via CD Baby! -CLICK HERE-

The 8 sided, fold-out, 4-color CD is ready for purchase. Includes lyrics.

06.22.08Ready For Manufacturing

The "Spirit And Skin" CD will go into manufacturing June 25th and should be available for preview and sale by the end of July 2008.

05.13.08Recording for Judd Starr's Upcoming CD is complete.

All 10 tracks for the upcoming CD are finished. The new CD will be available this summer 2008!

05.07.08Over 80,000 YouTube Views! -CLICK HERE-

Since its online release, the "Firefly" video has received over 80,000 views on YouTube.

12.20.07"My Story" Online on New Disc Makers Website

Judd's story was chosen out of thousands of submissions to be featured on the Disc Maker's website. (Disc Makers is one of the largest independent CD manufacturers in the United States)

12.14.07"Firefly" Part of MIDEM Event in Europe

Midem (short for Marché international de l'édition musicale) is the world's largest music industry trade fair and is held annually in Cannes, France. (Since 1966)

Each year, music professionals from across the globe and from all sectors – recording, record labels, publishing, live, sync, digital and mobile – meet to network, do deals, learn and catch the latest new talent.

Some companies attending will be:


This January 2008, Judd Starr and the track "Firefly" will be included and be represented there.

Last Year's MIDEM 2007 - Figures

Participants: 9,481
Companies: 4,605
Exhibiting companies: 2,376
Countries: 91
Total stand space: 9,469m2
Journalists: 530

12.13.07"Firefly" Playing in Your Local Theatre in Jan 2008

In January, you may happen to notice the song "Firefly" playing before / after your movie.

* "Firefly" playing in the top three theater circuits in the U.S.: AMC, Regal and Cinemark
* 6,600+ auditoriums / 530+ theaters / Reach 3.94 million
* Audio segment plays 130 times/auditorium; 792,000 times/system

12.11.07One of Only Four Musicians Chosen for Disc Makers Catalog!

Disc Makers announced today that Judd will be 1 of only 4 indie musicians to be printed in their new catalog for 2008, which is mailed out to millions of subsribers. Here is a copy of their email notification:

"Hi Judd,

I have to say I love writing these emails. Congrats, you made the catalog my friend.

It will start mailing a few days before Christmas. In it is your picture, part of your story, and it directs them to check out the rest off your story on our website. On the website is the rest of your story (on your own page on our site) and a link to your website.

This is awesome exposure. We will be mailing upward of 8 million+ catalogs this year. I'm pretty excited for you.

Again, congratulations and enjoy your holidays!"

12.10.07Songs for Next CD in Production

3 songs for the upcoming CD have been written and recorded. The unnamed CD may be available Summer 2008.

11.21.07Judd Starr To Be Featured By Disc Makers' Website

Out of the thousands of submissions for Disc Maker's "My Story" contest, Judd Starr was chosen as 1 of only 20 featured artists to be showcased on their website for the end of December 2007. (1 of 4 will be featured in their mail-out catalog....still to be announced)

Disc Makers is the largest Indie CD manufacturing company in the United States and have been supplying CDs to Major and Indie Recording companies for 60 years. They receive millions of web hits to their website and millions of their catalogs are sent out every year. Thus, this is an honor and a fantastic opportunity to receive some great exposure.

11.19.07Music Used on MTV's "The Kentucky Kid"

MTV's "The Kentucky Kid" uses Judd Starr's music for the show.

The series chronicles the life of pro motorcycle racer Nicky Hayden starting with the final two races of the 2006 season, where he is well on his way to becoming the new MotoGP World Champion.

11.01.07Interview with "Associated Content" -CLICK HERE-

Cindy Wright, a writer for "Associated Content", contacted Judd for an interview. Cindy has published interviews with Relient K, Taylor Hicks, Bucky Covington, Chubby Checker and others.

09.22.07"Luminescent" is Top Seller at CD Baby!

The "Luminescent" CD is the #24 Top Selling Rock / Adult Contemporary Album on CD Baby!

CD Baby is the largest retailer of independent music on the Internet.

CD Baby statistics as of May 3, 2007:

179,098 artists sell their CD at CD Baby.
3,214,923 CDs sold online to customers.
$46,443,501 paid to artists.
$17,142,223 digital distribution income.

07.19.07Signed an Agreement to use "Luminescent" Music on TV!

I just signed a licensing agreement to allow these tv stations to use any of the songs from the "Luminescent" CD on their programs:

MTV, VH1, CMT, MTV2, MTV Jams, URGE, MTV Latin America, VH1 Classic, VH1 Soul, VH1 County, VH1 Megahits, Nickelodeon, Nick At Nite, TV Land, Noggin, mtvU, MTV Russia, Comedy Central, Spike TV, LOGO and others!

From what I understand, the first show which may be using my songs will be the "The Hills" on MTV.

The Hills is on its third season.

The Laguna Beach spinoff, is currently MTV's number one show, with an average of 2.7 million viewers tuning in each week.

The series reached a total of 60 million viewers over the course of the second season, and delivered nearly 18 million show-related streams online, including close to 1 million streams of the live After Show finale special. (facts about the series quoted from E! News - by Sarah Hall)

05.10.07Interesting Review about Judd Starr's Luminescent in Silverfish Magazine -CLICK HERE-

Here's a link to a cool and interesting review that uses words like "dark", "synthetic", "eclectic", "scattered", "paranoia", and "optimistic" to describe my CD, all in the same breath! Overall, I feel like they understood my CD and what I was trying to accomplish more than almost any other review and I appreciate that.

These magazines receive a ton of submissions, so I'm really thankful to them for taking the time to write such a thoughtful review.

05.09.07Judd Starr's "Firefly" Charted At #8 on FMQB's Top 40 !!!

Reaching #8 on FMQ's Top 40 (out of 200+ radio stations) is beyond my expectations. I'm really pleased and pleasantly surprised! Thanks to all of the radio stations that played my single for so many weeks!!!.

05.02.07Judd Starr Up To #9

"Firefly" is up a notch this week to #9 on the FMQB Top 40 chart.

04.25.07Did It! "Firefly" in the Top 10 out of 200+ stations!

"Firefly" made it this week to #10 on the FMQB chart. That's competing out of thousands of songs / bands who are trying for any radio airplay at all...even on 1 of these 200+ stations. Not to mention, competing for any position on the FMQB Top 40! It's not the easiest thing in the world to achieve. (can you tell I'm proud?)

04.18.07FMQB's 200+ radio station market lists Judd Starr's "Firefly" at # 13

Nice jump for the week of 4/17/07! "Firefly" jumped up the chart from 17 to 13*.

04.11.07Judd Starr Up to #17

"Firefly" moved up to #17 on FMQB's Adult Contemporary chart for the week of 4/10/07.

04.04.07"Firefly" in the National Top 20!

As of 4/3/07, "Firefly" leaped up 5 more spots to #18. It's officially in the FMQB national Top 20 for Adult Contemporary!

04.01.07Judd Starr Up to #23

As of Tuesday, 3/27/07, Judd Starr's "Firefly" was up to #23.

03.21.07Judd Starr's "Firefly" Up Again This Week

For the week of 3/20/07, "Firefly" climbed higher on the FMQB chart from #28 to #25! (It listed between Nelly Furtado and Beyonce).

03.20.07Review of Judd Starr In "Rock Net" -CLICK HERE-

Review of "Luminescent" CD

03.14.07"Firefly" climbed up 5 spots from #33 to #28 on the chart this week

On 3/13/07, "Firefly" was listed at #28 on the chart. Up 5 spots from last week.

03.07.07Judd Starr's "Firefly" climbs higher on the Top 40

This week (3/7/07), "Firefly" climbed up the Top 40 chart another 6 positions from 39 to 33*. It listed between Kelly Clarkson and Christina Aguilera.

02.28.07Judd Starr's "Firefly" Charts for 1st time

"Firefly" shot up the chart from 57 TO 39*..., with +168 more SPINS this week than last week. So, "Firefly" is officially in the Top 40, based on airplay for Adult Contemporary in the FMQB charts.

02.26.07"Get To Know" - Judd Starr Featured in FMQB -CLICK HERE-

(also notice, Judd Starr under: "AC PICKS")

02.21.07Judd Starr's "Firefly" Listed in FMQB under "Most Added" & "AC Gainers"

On the week of 02/21/07, "Firefly" was listed as the #1 most added single for AC radio and also was among the top chart gainers / climbers.

Most Added are songs that were added to more radio stations in their markets than all others in their category.

AC Gainers are songs which are the fastest chart climbers!

02.20.07Judd Starr's "Firefly" is the #1 Most Added for 2 Consecutive Weeks!

For the week of 02/20/07, "Firefly" was the most added single...2 weeks in a row.

An email from radio promotion:

"you moved from 151 to 57*...the * designates a "bullet" on the song..(upward movement and growth)

+206 is your spins increase from last week to this week

I cant recall the last time I had a new artist achieve the # 1 spot for two weeks, much less consecutively"

02.19.07"Exclusive Magazine" Interview with Judd Starr -CLICK HERE-

Questions answered regarding why Judd Starr called the album is called "Luminescent", what the artwork represents and what some of the songs really mean.

02.13.07Judd Starr's "Firefly": The #1 Most Added Song in its Radio Markets!

During the week of 02/13/07, "Firefly" amazingly beat out Rob Thomas' new single and was added to more stations than any other song in its markets!