muchas felicidades por tus cd te deseo exito

Hi Judd,

I was wondering if you might be interested in recoding an interview for my show, DigiVegas.

Check it out at, and let m know.


How's it going?? I like your portal a lot!



Hey Judd!
Great stuff!!!
Contact me with a number or email!
Talk to you soon!
Music Mix USA

"What if I'm fine" true!

Thanks for writing and singing the truth.


I hear What If I'm Fine a lot while at work (movie theater). It is the only Cinema Sounds song I have ever liked. Now I actually look forward to hearing the music that plays.

Hey, I heard your song in the preshow at a Cinemark, with advertising by National CineMedia, and I really enjoyed it!

i want that one song brooo

Judd Starr is an amazingly talented artist! I recommend him to everybody I know!

My sister, Diane/Angel, told me to check you out....well not you but your music ;)
Very nice!
Cathy long as this "free stuff" doesn't take time away from your music count me in. I want you to know I support you and I believe in you...I listen to your CDs (plural!!!!) daily.

Be well my friend. Let me know if I can help in any way.

I seem to have lost touch with you my friend. I am so glad to see you are doing well. Love love the new CD!!!

Send me the newsletter pretty please!! Sending BIG HUGS! Marlene

Hey Judd,
Just wanted to say hi.. Sorry for not checking out your myspace music site, but I've been busy.. I'd love to get a free download of your new #1 hit..

Hi Judd!

This is elfslut from livejournal! Glad you liked the review :)

Hey Judd, my friend Diane asked me to check this out and I like it. Just so you know she is doing all she can for you. She is the best friend I have ever had.


Love the song Judd. You Rock

Just wanted to let you know that Diane finally added that photo to her photo file in myspace with her and your new CD!!

Quick!!! Go steal it before she deletes it!! ;o)

Have a great day!!!!!


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your music Judd. A TRUE artist and phenominal talent.
Thank you!

Hey Judd...

Stoppin by your website... it's been awhile.... So... Hi!!!

Listening to Spirit and Skin (Well now it's Firefly I am listening to) while I updated my Pogo account with your address to this website and playing some card games...trying to pass some time and hopefully get sleepy! : ) Would help to not be bouncin around with the music! heee heee!!!

Hope all is going well with whatever you are up to these days! :D

The very very best to you as ever n always!

hello from germany,

i`m dj ottic aka gerd hoeschen, the presenter of the
german/european alternative radioshow alooga.

i`m interested in playing your release:

Judd Starr - Spirit And Skin

on my show. if you would like to get some radioairplay please
let me know if it is possible to receive a promo copy. please send it to the adress in the signature.

thanks in advance for your reply and support.
gerd hoeschen aka dj ottic
(alooga media)

New: otticFM Stream :
| alooga radio | a project of alooga media

DJ Ottic aka Gerd Hoeschen
D-53489 Sinzig

Tel:(+49) 2642 43385
Fax:(+49) 30 484983193



Hi Judd,
Couldn't leave you a comment at your myspace page cause I can't find it. lol , But anyways I wanted to let you know that I recieved your cd today and listened to it on my drive back to the cities. Once again I am very impressed! As you know I tend to lean toward the heavy metal music but there is just something about your music that my softer side loves! And again, an "AWESOME" cd & an "AWESOME" job in making it!! Keep up the great work!!! Oh! don't forget to let me know if your going to be putting that signiature of yours on the cd's!!! LOL
P.S. Since I can't leave you a comment and I know it's only tuesday but "Happy Hump Day"!!!! ( Hee! Hee! Hee! )

I read your article on the site. I was intrested in which company you used to promote your music to theatres. I represent several artist as well as myself. Awesome story and awesome music. Have an incredible day.

I really do love what I've heard of the new CD so far. You did a great job.


Bright Happiness! Congradulations Judd!! My husband and I have so enjoyed, Luminescent. It is a favorite with our grandchildren too :) I want to know when Spirit and Skin is is a must have. Blessings on your journey. Always, Crystal-Mylove

Dear Judd,
How's life treating you?? Well, life's teating me pretty well. I have no idea what your new email address is, but I just wanted you to know I was thinking about you as friends.. Gotta go now. write me sometime..

just listened to the song "Firefly". I really like your music. First heard it on myspace but didn't really listen to it until just now. I will now search how to get your CD. Thanks!

Hi there... your website is really awesome... I have just signed up for the same website service and really don't know exactly how to get mine to look and do the same as yours. I am an wedding event coordinator and sure could use the help it you don't mind.
Thanks !

Hi Judd!
I'm the singer-songwriter that plays the Larivee guitar (with the long strawberry-blonde hair). Hopefully you remember meeting me a while back at The Jib at Sparks Marina. I really like your CD, and hope your hits and sales continue to bring you success. You're very talented and I love your voice! If you recall, I wanted to sing a duet with you sometime, though we never had a chance to practice anything.

Haven't seen you around in a while. Lenny Walker has been running open mic there on Wednesdays for a few months now. I'm hosting the open mic this Wed 12/19 from 7-10:00 in his place, and I'm recruiting some of my favorite musicians to come back and hang out, sing some tunes, sell some CD's, and have some fun! I'd love to see you again and hear you sing live.

So if you're in town and can get away from the studio or whatever other time obligations you have, I'd love to have you come by and do your stuff there again!
And the crowd would love to hear you again too, I'm sure. Bring some of your friends/fans. I'll have some of my friends there that love to hear live music.

Have you been playing shows anywhere around town here?

Stay in touch. Hope to see you soon!


Hi I am a content producer at and I would love to interview you via phone sometime. The interview would be posted on my content producer page at the site. I write on several subject and in the last year have started doing interviews. Such as Relient K, Taylor Hicks, Bucky Covington and Chubby Checker among others. I would love to put up an interview with you, The site as a huge following and gets many page views a day. I hope to hear from you soon. We can can set up a date and time.
Cindy Wright

just dropping a line to let you know i did re-design the site and posted the "Firefly" video. It's only been up for a day and a half but the few people who did respond expressed pleasantly surprised reactions to it, so hopefully they'll walk the talk and check out the long-player. Busy working on next month's edition and will incoporate tour dates if you have any to post. Godbless. B.
recognizing independent artists all over the world

Hello Judd,
It's brother John from iowa, i met you on myspace and i was talking about my sister and i was saying i am closer to you than my own brother named Judd.
Anyway, i noticed that you weren't on my myspace. I hope all is well with you and we can Always be friends. Have a good day firefly! Always, John

if i have to I will make a full page of judd starr on my, my space and effdupp entertainment. site

You are a rockstar!!!

great tunes - I remember when I directed your videos! best of luck with this project

cool track -- Firefly -- I heard at movies

you are a really great songwriter and musician. That alone is quite a gift.

Dis site gets betta every time I visit it.
Great work!

can someone email me when Im able to buy yur album? can i buy it from your website?

Sounds awesome. I listen to your samples over and over.

Like your stuff, sounds like it's going to be a great album. I am 18 years old from Indio, CA.

I can't get your samples out of my head. I love "Hde how I feel" song too....DAMN.

you rock dude.

wat gwan

! !istened again ```They are all xlnt ...

great tunes, very refreshing these days to hear good songwriting. look foreward to purchasing your album!